Change of Plans: Building an Outbuilding, #1

I’ve recently added on to my 5 acres.  The new parcel next door has utilities.  This means that I’m re-arranging my plans for outbuildings on the stead.

I’m getting rid of the rent-a-barn…



I’m going to build a permanent building on the same spot.  Or rather, near the same spot.

I’m going to finish pouring the slab I started.  It’s going to become the driveway for the new building…


The building will be on the near side of the footer (above)  I figured I would have the driveway on the west side.  This way, the last light of the day will be on the driveway and will give me a few more minutes to work on outside projects.

Right now, I’m planning on a pole building.  It will be 20′ long and 24′ wide (the width of the slab + 12′ to the south) and an an overhead cover for a tractor on the north side.

I’ll start as soon as I’m sure there won’t be any more frost this year.


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