Chicks, beginning week 3

Time is flying and these chicks are too!

It’s the beginning of week 3.  Spring break and the family isn’t home.

The chicks are really going through the food now.  I’m changing bedding every other day.  It’s time to put a coop together.  I only have time to build something that will meet temporary needs.

Here’s a pic of the chicks…

chickswk3They aren’t so cute any more.

The chicks are almost the size of big quail.  Here’s another pic.  My apologies for my grubby hands…


The chicks can flutter/hop over a foot in the air.  They can’t quite escape the 5 gallon buckets when I’m changing the bedding.

I got a different, bigger waterer.  It doesn’t seem to make as much of a mess as the little one.  The original was a 1 quart.  The new is a one gallon.

The chicks still manage to get a lot of bedding in the water.  I take the wet bedding and throw it in a corner.  They seem to love playing on it.

I also take clumps of grass, complete with sand, and let them have at it.  It’s a source of entertainment–a chick will find something interesting and take off with it.  The other chicks will chase.

Next time, I should have a temporary coop put together.


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