Chicks, Week 4

The chicks have been off the heat lamp for almost a week now.

Their combs are beginning to show.and it’s getting easier to tell them apart.  Here’s a pic…



I’m learning to recognize the chicks’ sounds and behaviors.  It’s clear when they want something to eat versus play time.

The plan is to put them outside this weekend.  The coop is almost finished and I should have a paddock set up for them.

I’m going to use a coop along with a paddock system.  I think the chickens are going to need the protection of a coop at night, especially since I’m not living on the stead yet.

I’ll rotate the chickens through pastures, making sure that nothing gets grazed down too far.

Paul Wheaton wrote a great article about different ways to raise chickens.  You can find it here…

I picked up some fencing from Big R this evening.  While I was there, I managed to pick up a bag of feed on discount since it had ripped at the top.  I only saved $5, but I was glad of it.

I’m looking for sources of milo (sorghum).  I’d like to ferment it–my understanding is that fermenting makes more protein available as well as vitamins.  Here’s an article about this…

I’ve checked with a couple feed stores and they don’t sell straight milo.  I’m not sure if this is a regional issue–I was able to find milo at feed stores in Texas.  I’ll keep checking.

The gallon waterer is something that I’ll transfer to the coop.  I also want to add an outdoor waterer.  I’m planning on buying some poultry nipples and installing them on the bottom of a 5 gallon bucket that I’ll suspend from a pole.  Here’s an Amazon link to the nipples.  I shop local when I can, but I haven’t found them, so Amazon gets my dollars this time.

That’s it for now.  I’m looking forward to writing about chickens on the homestead!

Happy Living!


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