Chicken Coop Remodel

The temporary chicken coop is almost complete.

Here’s a pic…



The coop itself needs a 2×6 for reinforcing the front.  After that’s in, I’ll finish the doors properly.

You can see that I’ve installed a door next to the coop.  The fenced area is temporary–I’m still planning on paddocks.  I don’t have my electric poultry fencing yet.

There are some changes with food and water coming.

I’m going to install PVC waterers and feeders.  Here is the waterer that my wife discovered…


She might have been motivated to find a better waterer since she’s been cleaning our watering solution!  This is something that can be made easily, but I’ll purchase it from here…

Here’s a pic of the feeder I’m going to install…

PVC Pipe Chicken feeder

My design may not be exactly the same.  I want to be able to load the trough from outside the coop.  I got this idea from here…

A note on the chicks…  They’re outside critters now.  I moved them to the greenhouse last Saturday.

Here’s a picture of a chick at the beginning of its 5th week with us…



I’m so glad that we went with Orpingtons.  These chickens are so friendly and easy to handle.  They’ve been a great choice for a first time chicken owner like me so far.  I realize that they have negative aspects.  Orpingtons aren’t the best layers.  They also aren’t the best breed for meat.  We’ll see how they work out for us.

The plan is to take the chickens to the coop this evening.  I better get that fence done!

Happy Living!



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  1. I was just wondering how well your feeder ended up working? Do the chickens waste any feed with that method? I’m thinking of building one as well. Do you have any suggestions or changes to the design?

    Thanks for the help!

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