Chicks Move In

I’m so excited.  The homestead has reached a milestone today.  Our first critters are on the land!

I may not have been clear, but we aren’t living on the property yet–about 10 miles away.  The chicks have been with us.  Their “dwelling” was on the living room floor and, later, the greenhouse.

Last night was the last frost I expect to see for the year.  Honestly, I’m surprised we had frost this late in April.  The chicks are big enough that they should be fine in the coop outside.  This is their 5th week with us.

Yesterday, we finished putting the chicken wire up and finished some framing on the coop.  Today, I hit Harbor Freight and picked up some stakes to fix the bottom of the chicken wire to the ground.

The wife and I got the stakes installed and let the chicks out.  I’m glad we were able to get them out of their tub finally.  The chicks were starting to duck their heads in a space that seemed really big when they first came home.

Here are a couple pics…




Of course we saw another bald eagle as we unloaded the chickens.  I may have to re-think the paddock system and go with a tractor.  I’m not sure I want to feed our nation’s symbol!

There are several posts regarding the temporary coop on the “building” side of this blog.  You may want to check them out here…


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