The Temp Coop; building in a multi-purpose surface

I know I’ve been pretty clear about the fact that this coop is temporary.  The thing is, this is a great opportunity to try different things without a lot of investment.

The last post about the temp coop was about feeding and watering.  Something else to consider is coop access and work area.

This coop has really poor access.  You can’t walk in.  It’s going to be somewhat onerous to clean as well.  But let’s redeem the design flaw.

Here’s what the coop looks like with the lid up…


I also added a second place to hook the door…


Now we have a flat surface at a good height for doing light work.  Well, it will be good as soon as I grind off those screws sticking up!

I’ll continue to add little things that make life easier.  There’s no sense in walking farther than necessary or bending down when you can work at a comfortable level.

It’s really important to accept this principle.  Always work as smart as you can and only as hard as the job requires.  Sometimes that means a lot of work and perfection.  You’ll find that there are too many things on a farm that need to be done.  You can’t invest a lot of time in everything.  Do what you can and continuously improve.

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