Chick Sitting Funny: Marek’s Disease?

For a couple weeks, I’ve noticed a chicken that behaves oddly once in a while.  It sits in this awkward looking position, one foot out.  It then swaps, putting the foot back and the other out…



I’m not a veterinarian, and this looks like Marek’s Disease.

Here’s a link…

Note there’s a pic of a chicken sitting the same way.

I wasn’t sure what I’ll do.  I thought that I may have to put all of the chicks down.

The disease is very contagious.  The chicks all came from the same place (that doesn’t apply the vaccine apparently) and there isn’t any other poultry nearby.  I was pretty upset.

I asked for advice. What I got made me feel better.  Basically, the opinion is that the chicken is enjoying the sun.

For me, the chicks are just like being a first-time parent.  I’m paranoid about every little thing.  Hopefully I’ll be a little more laid back the next time.

And next time I’m going to get the vaccine.



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