Timber Framed Outbuilding

I couldn’t tell you how many times my plans for the outbuilding have changed since I sent back the rent-a-barn.

The latest iteration is that it will be built in a timber frame style, sitting on cement blocks.  I’m going to build it next to the footer I poured.  The footer will have a pad poured on top, a little driveway in front of the building.



So, I’ve bought some 12 foot 4x4s and 4x6s and cement blocks.


The 4x6s are going to become the frame for the floor.  The 4x4s will hold up the roof.

You can see in the pic above I’ve already put tenons on some of the 4x6s.


Pine doesn’t have the straightest grain and sometimes the tenons come out a little ugly…



Oh, my generator is down, so I’m using hand tools.  I enjoy the work, but it’s slow.  The mortises take a lot of work.



I finished the two mortises (above) today.  They took almost two hours to complete.

I’ll post more pics as the work progresses.

WranglerStar’s YouTube channel has a lot of tips if you want to learn more about timber framing.  Here’s one of his first videos.

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