Thinking about Homestead Income Streams

You may have noticed that I don’t post a lot of pictures.

This post is no exception.  :-)

I’m on the lookout for different ways to offset my costs or even make a penny or two.  I’ve a lot of ideas.  Some of those ideas include selling electricity back to the power company (solar array), selling produce, soap and cheese making, foundry work and many others.

The characteristics of my land and the market will determine what works and what won’t.  For example, I’m not going to make soap or cheese until my land can handle livestock.  My land can’t handle livestock until I have good irrigation and developed soil.  Even then, I may not be able to support enough animals to make enough milk for cheese or soap making.  We’ll see.

One disappointment I experienced was the how much sand there is at the homestead.  There is almost no soil and no clay.  I really wanted to have a pond, but it would take a large investment to make it happen.  No pond meant that some ideas were not going to happen.

Some friends I recently made have resurrected some of those pond-related ideas.  They have some exposure to aquaponics.  We’re going to build a couple test systems to see what we can do.

I’m pretty excited.  I think much of what I’m enjoying about the homestead is opportunities it gives to succeed.

Just a little more motivation to keep working the land and get through some of the drudgery that comes up.

Happy Living!



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