Bubba, Our Puppy

I’ve been looking for a dog.

I want a dog that will keep the coyotes from getting too curious and to let me know when a stranger shows up.

Meet Bubba.  He’s about 2 months old, born on February the 23rd.


Bubba looks like he has a good deal of pit-bull in him.  You can’t see it from the pic, but Bubba has a thick neck and the beginnings of a chest. I’ve seen his mom.  She’s a mix herself, so I’m not exactly sure of what I have.

Actually, I lost the dog about 10 minutes after I got him.  To my wife.  *sigh*  The next one will be mine.

Bubba’s mom lives near the homestead.  She’s pretty quiet, doesn’t bark at every little thing.  She does bark when I walk close by.  She’s with children all the time–no problems there.  I’m hoping her son is the same way.

Our cat isn’t thrilled but our girls are in love.

Bubba didn’t cost me a thing.  He’s about to though.  He doesn’t have shots. and I’ll need to get him fixed.  I may wait a year or two to neuter him.

I understand that there have been studies that show a correlation between early neutering and cancer or joint problems.  I’m not sure how controlled the studies were, but why take a chance?

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