Handy Sprinkler Design

We have access to water on the homestead!

I’m ready to start irrigating to develop some pasture.  Like everything else, I’m taking this in stages.  For now, the plan is to drag a garden hose around.

I want to spend my money wisely so I’ve kept watch for some sort of elevated Rain-bird design that wasn’t $70.

Here’s what I found:



This is a sprinkler that fits on a t-post.  A t-post is a kind of fence post that’s used mainly for wire fences.



Here’s a pic of the sprinkler running…



The documentation on the sprinkler says that it can cover over 40 feet.  I’m not getting that range.  I would guess I’m seeing about 30 feet in diameter.

The price was $20 and I plan on picking up a few more.

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