Temporary Goose Hostel

I’m still waiting to take possession of the extra acres recently bought.  The tenants are almost done moving.

The problem is that the goslings are getting too big for their nursery area.  I needed to put something together that will meet their needs for a month or so.

I decided to use hog panels.  These are used as fencing for a lot of different situations.  The panels are made of pieces of wire welded together.

I figured it made sense to put it next to the temporary chicken coop.  BTW, do you see the trailer on the hill?  It’s going to go away and then I’ll be able to build more permanent structures.



The goose area is on the right.  I put a tarp up for shelter against the wind and morning to noon sun.

I also added some smaller mesh fencing to keep predators out.  They can still dig under, but the soil (I use that term sarcastically) is very rocky.  We’ll keep an eye out for signs of digging.

Here’s a closer shot of the hog panels with the smaller mesh fencing as well…



I hope to provide the geese with a 3-sided shelter and a small pond once we move up the hill.


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