Thoughts from the Wife on Chickens

I know chickens aren’t exactly the brightest animals on earth, but I am intrigued by them nonetheless.  Over Memorial Day weekend, the hubs and I were on the homestead. I was relaxing in the swing and he was working on the aquaponics system. I heard some birds overhead and looked up to see some turkey vultures, and then noticed the chickens were awfully quiet. I looked over at them, and was pleased to see they had all gone inside the coop and were wary of the birds overhead.

Am I the only person that is amazed at animals, such as chickens, that just instinctively know to hide from danger when they’ve never been taught or raised by a mama? And when these chickens have chicks some day, will they be good mamas, or will they get the eggs hatched and then just leave them to figure it out for themselves? Does it make them bad mamas if they do?

The chickens also make me laugh. They have been next to the goslings for about a month or so now, but it seems like they are just in the last week or so, noticing them. When someone is giving greens to the geese, or even just filling up their water, the geese make a big racket and the chickens run to their side of the fence to see what’s going on.  They’ve also started appreciating greens, which I’m happy about because they are going to be able to start roaming soon here. Hooray for chicken tractors!

Farm life is very interesting. Do 12 birds and a puppy make it a farm? I don’t know how you qualify it. It’s a homestead for sure. There’s room for more animals, that’s the goal of self-sufficiency after all. Not a lot, but some day we may be drinking our own raw milk, and butchering a hog. Some day off into the future, I can imagine eggs and bacon for breakfast, courtesy of our animals. Sounds like a fine life to me.



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