Grow Update

I’m away from farm and family right now, working out of state to pay a few bills.

I asked my fair wife to take a few pictures of the growing things for me while I’m gone.  I miss the land almost as much as I miss my family.

The corn on the terrace is very behind.  Some of it didn’t get planted until around the 4th of July.  Still, it should be taller than it is.  I’ll ask for more water on it.  The beans are really taking off now.

upper terrace



The lemon cucumbers haven’t flowered yet, but it looks like it will be soon.  Those are some nice, fat leaves.  I can tell that these pics were taken in the morning.  It’s neat seeing the light make the bean leaves glow.

more cukes



I can see that a kid has been working hard at finishing the second terrace…  Amazing!

2nd terrace



No photo session is complete without the resident bomber, Bubba, making his move.  I asked for a pic of the clover.  I love the red blossoms it’s producing and I wish I was there to see it in person.




Here’s the corn patch at the upper part of the land.  I think I planted the first 5 or 6 rows around June 20th.  The last rows were planted around July 5th or 6th.  It’s doing well.  I just hope I get the crop in before a real freeze.  This was no-till planting.  I dragged the pick end of the mattocks to open a small cut and planted in it.

low corn view



Last, a pic of Bubba.  He reminds me of the Looney Tunes sheepdog, surveying his land…


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