Grapes, Beans and Trumpet Creeper update

The wife sent a bunch of pics today.  Let’s see how things are looking.

concord grape with bush bean companion plants

The beans surrounding the concord grape vine look really happy.  I’m glad to see blossoms.  Hopefully the plants are providing nitrogen and other goodies to the grape vine.



Looks like all of the beans are getting ready to blossom.  I’m glad we have a lot of mason jars.  We’re going to need them.  I’m already looking forward to green bean casserole!



I’m glad the lemon cucumber is looking healthy.  I am disappointed that there are no flowers yet.  I hope we get some cukes before it freezes.



The trumpet creeper is blooming.  I hope the hummingbirds are enjoying it.




Not everything is good news though.  The currant (pic below) really hasn’t grown since I moved it from it’s pot.




Fruits of the AP system.  Tomatoes.  They’re supposed to be cherry tomatoes.  We bought the plants from a russian-american lady.  I wonder if she kept the seeds from last year’s tomatoes.  The yellow could be the result.  Either that or the aquaponics aren’t delivering a nutrient the plant needs to make the maters red.


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