One Reason to get out of the City

I mentioned that I’m away from the homestead, on contract in California..

I went back to the hotel for lunch today.  I noticed that the door to my room was bent in at the bottom.  There were pry marks all over the place and my room key wasn’t working…



The maintenance guy was able to get the door open (it wouldn’t latch after that).  The handle mechanism was bent and there’s a wrinkle in the metal door now.doorbreak4


Fortunately for me, it appears that nothing is missing.  I figured my personal laptop would be gone.  I’m guessing the would-be burglar either got cold feet or gave up.

I’m not insinuating that stuff like this doesn’t happen in the country.  There’s a difference though.  My homestead neighbors are invested in me and I in them.  We keep an eye out for each other and visit when a stranger shows up.

There are also less people in the country (duh), and this means less people going by my property.  Less people that have poor impulse control.

I have a message for you if you don’t have a patch of ground away from town:

Come out here.  There’s room for you.  There’s room for those who are open minded, room for those who don’t fit in.  There are friends to be made, roots to put in the ground.

See you soon!


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