Temporary Chardonnay Trellis on the Homestead

I came home from California last weekend.  I brought a few of the chardonnay vines that I rescued.  Time to build a chardonnay trellis, which is different than the design I’ll use for the concord and muscadine.

I wanted to get the grape vines planted so that they’ll be somewhat established before winter.

I don’t have the correct posts and wire but I need to train the vines.  Here’s some improvisation with t-posts and fastener wire (baling wire) to build a temporary chardonnay trellis.


temporary chardonnay trellis–t-posts and baling wire

I drove two t-posts into the ground and ran wire at intervals.

I wanted the vines 6 feet apart.  I’ve seen vineyard where the vines were 3 feet apart and other vineyards that had a 10 foot separation.  I want to use vineyard space efficiently.  Hopefully the vines won’t be too close together.

I started the first hole 3 feet from the post.  I measured 6 feet from there and dug another hole.  Repeated the measuring and digging.  You get the idea.


chardonnay trellis started


I filled the holes with water and planted the vines.  I added the sticks to train them.  I secured the sticks to the wires (with more wire).  Lastly, I used twist-ties to secure the vines to the sticks.  The ties are loose.

I’m asking around for vineyard suppliers in the Pacific Northwest.  Let me know if you know a good one!

I’m looking for the vineyard posts used for vigorous vinifera.  They’re metal and wide, with slots on each side.


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