Peltier CPU Coolers for Electricity

I know this a departure from the homestead theme, but a method to my madness.  I’m looking for ways to spin fans off-grid.  I think it’s possible to get effective use out of peltier CPU coolers for electricity.

I’m planning a greenhouse for the aquaponics and I’m going to need to move air to moderate the temperature in summer (I think I have winter covered).

I ran across a video that used peltier devices to move a fan.  These devices normally are powered in order to cool one side of the peltier wafer.  The neat thing about these devices is that the opposite works–you can heat the wafer and get electricity out.

I got a couple peltiers and tried to power a usb fan without milling anything.  The test was a failure.  I figured that I was aiming for the moon.  I decided to try to run something that a AA battery could drive.

Here’s how it went…

3 thoughts on “Peltier CPU Coolers for Electricity

    • Gail, good question! I’m not sure what was broken, but I’ve fiddled around with the video and I think it works now.

      Let me know if it doesn’t!

      My apologies–probably a lot of effort for not much of a video.


  1. Much appreciate your inquisitive nature – but… Buy a cheap solar panel and a large muffin fan and you will be way ahead. Keep pushing ahead.


    muffin fa

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