Tools for Homestead Girls –by the wife

Girls need their own set of tools on a homestead. Since I didn’t plan on doing outdoor work, I hadn’t really given any consideration to my own set of tools. Now that I am out working on things, I find myself patting my pockets for tools I know won’t be there because it isn’t second nature to me to throw a knife in my pocket.  I’ve started a list of tools for homestead girls.

Let’s face it-I’m a girl and my usual ‘tools’ are carried in my purse (lipstick, chapstick, TIDE stain remover stick, phone, gum, money, keys, etc.). None of those will cut wire or 550 cord, or remove screws. With hubby gone, I’ve resorted to swiping his knife and carrying it in my pocket most days, but in typical ‘me’ fashion, it’s sitting on the counter more often than not.

20130814_131950 tools

Cleaning a caulk gun with the hubby’s knife


This leads me to another dilemma…I don’t wear a belt. I’m not carrying my designer purse around with me to the AP system so I have to find a happy medium. Maybe I could find a small tool bag that’s just stocked and I could get myself in the habit of carrying it around with me.

I think Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson would probably have a heart attack to see how I put their knife to good use the other day (hubby may not appreciate it either since it’s his above-mentioned knife).

Your tool kit will have different tools than mine will, but for me, I think these are the things that will be most beneficial to be able to call my own (and the rest I will just dig out of hubby’s stash).

  • Sharp knife
  • Screwdriver with interchanging heads or both a Phillips and a flathead
  • Electrical tape
  • Wrench
  • Pliers
  • Gloves (2 sets-1disposable for yucky stuff, and the other for protection)
  • hammer
  • Water bottle-seriously, you wouldn’t think I’d have to be reminded to have this on the 90 degree days we are having.

I’m sure these won’t do every chore I have, but it will cover most of what I come across.

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