Aquaponics Fish Tank

I’ve received some questions about the aquaponics fish tank.

I put together a quick video for your viewing pleasure.

Please remember that my aquaponics setup is a test, a way for me to understand some of the principles regarding aquaponics in general and grow beds in particular.

The test is wrapping up.  I’ll have something to say about it in a few days.

Thanks for your comments and questions!  Here’s the vid…


4 thoughts on “Aquaponics Fish Tank

  1. I dropped by to look at your aquaponics test but then I’ve enjoyed reading about your whole homestead project.

    Once question I had was where did you get your media trays?

    We are planning a 120 square foot aquaponics system and I’m not having any luck finding trays like what Murray has in Australia.


  2. Jon, I bought those tubs at Lowes. They were very cheap–$13 I think. I don’t recommend them though. The tubs are too shallow. I think they’re 9″ deep, possibly only 8″ deep. They also aren’t food grade. IBC totes are getting cheaper, you may want to get a few of them and cut them in half. I would want a foot of gravel at least. You can also make your own with fiberglass.

    You might consider verticals. You get more grow space per square foot and don’t have to fool around with bell siphons.


    • They’re still stocking them at the Lowes I visited last night. I really don’t recommend them though. They’re too shallow. I may build some trays out of clear acrylic to demonstrate some of the deficiencies I found.

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