Mobile Chicken Coop

There’s an awesomely big mobile chicken coop at Soil Born Farms.

I spotted it behind a building or two.



I took a closer look.20131019_101706

Plenty of roosting boxes for the ladies.  (my apologies for photobombing this pic with my shadow)

I was hoping the below pic would come out better. There are a bunch of branches that are laid across a couple beams inside.  This is for the boys to roost on.  They’ll be happy there, higher than the ladies who will be busy laying eggs.



Awesomely huge, this trailer could easily handle two dozen chickens.

I didn’t poke around to see where the feeders and waterers were.

I think I like Geoff Lawton’s chicken tractor.  It’s a trailer made from the back end of a pickup, complete with solar panel and battery to run electric poultry netting.

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