Homestead Pig Plans

I posted yesterday that we have a second pig on the homestead.

Eventually we want to run three sows and a boar on our property.  That doesn’t sound like a lot of pigs, but the numbers will go up when/if breeding happens.



It may not seem like a good idea to count your piglets before they’ve hatched.  We have to make sure we have the infrastructure to keep the pigs healthy and on our property.  So, care to do the math?

3 sows.  1 boar.  4 pigs.  A litter of 8 to 12 pigs likely per sow.  Let’s go with the higher number, since we need to be prepared for the biggest need.  36 piglets.  40 swine in total. Wow.

We have 8 acres.  Not all of the land is going to be available for the pigs though.  I want to devote 3 acres to them.  (see post about paddocks/pasture management) Things will be crowded if 36 piglets show up.  The good news is that most of them are going to be sold when weaned.  Hopefully all but a few of the weaners would be gone by 10 weeks.

I have a few months to get fencing in place, water to the pasture and shelters as well.  The girls should be ready to meet a boar at 7 or 8 months of age.

All of this is assumption though.  3 months from now may find that the pigs we have aren’t worth using as breeders.  Right now, Charlotte is shaping up well–great temperament  and has a good conformation, so I’m pretty confident she’ll be a good one.

Side note:  I’ve never liked the idea of having pigs with pink skin.  They’re known for getting sunburned.  This is one of the many times that I have to shake off conventional methods.  Paradigm shift.  This means I’ll be planting trees in my pastures, putting up small shelters and of course creating opportunities for wallows.


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  1. This little girl is holding her own against Charlotte. It’s hard not to be the ‘mom’ and scold the kids and make them play nice. :) ha!

    Julia, I am enjoying the pigs a lot more than I ever expected to. Things will come in to place for you guys to add your pigs as well.

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