Electric Fence for Pigs and Winter

One of the projects on my list is an electric fence for the pigs.  It’s not something I’ve put together before.  It’s not quite done yet–I need at least one more ground rod.  Here’s a pic with some of the fencing as well as something new…




I have four strands of poly wire up.  The bottom three strands are for the pigs.  The top is for keeping critters out.

I’ll post something more in depth about the fence when I’m done with the ground rods.

Here are some more pics of the snowy landscape.  We weren’t living on the land last year, so this is new to me.



20131105_072521The blue cube behind the pigs is their winter shelter.  It’s made of pallets, lined inside and out with coffee (burlap) sacks and of course a tarp to cover it all.  I’ll get some more pics of this amazing example of human ingenuity.



The next day was warm.  You can contrast the above pic with the next day pic, below…



The snow is gone for now, but it will return.

May you and yours are staying toasty and well-fed this winter.



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