Introducing Beautiful Nazareth Farms

Do you listen to oldies music?

There’s a song called “Take a Load off Annie”.

While I can’t say I understand exactly what the song is about, it’s part of how our farm got its name.  It a place to leave your cares.

There hasn’t been a reason to bring up our farm name until now.  We’re going to use it to market the produce, eggs and meat that we raise.

The same stuff I’ve been writing about will happen here.  All the sales stuff is going to be at .

Not much there yet.  Expect pretty pictures etc in a few months.

You might notice the plural.  It’s not “farm”, but “farms”.  That’s for a couple reasons.

First, we’re doing more than one thing.  The aquaponics, the terraces, pigs, fryer chickens, layer chickens, grapes all are different endeavors.  We’re also planning on adding dairy products.

Secondly, if we’re successful, we’re going to be leasing land from other places and getting more things started.  Farms with an “s” seems appropriate.


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