My First Attempt At Moving Pigs

With the girls in heat, we want to keep Abraham, the boar, from impregnating Lucy, the Hereford, and Charlotte, the Duroc. Since they were all in the same enclosure, I had to partition off a section.  I had one of the kids come out and unplug the fence so I could string up a couple of wires. We’d already had this in place from when Lucy came to be with us so it should have been super easy.

Except little Barbie kept running through the fence (even after it was back on). When I went out to feed, I made the mistake of feeding Lucy first. Charlotte, Barbie, and Abraham ran through the fence to join her like it wasn’t there.

Lovely. Now what? I haven’t been to a rodeo in years, but images of greased piglets and little boys chasing them came to mind. I just shook my head…how did they get the pig to stand still for the greasing? But I digress…IMG_0047

After some creative maneuvering, I got everyone where they should be, except Barbie, who continued running through the fence as if it were not there. I left them that way overnight, sad Lucy was sleeping alone (in a nice hay bed I made for her I might add), and decided that I could not keep letting Barbie run through. What’s to keep her inside the fence if she’s going to ignore getting shocked? I took it down.

Now I have four happy pigs, and I am happy. And crossing my fingers they don’t go into heat until JS and the AI supplies arrive in a couple of weeks. 20140105_083142

2 thoughts on “My First Attempt At Moving Pigs

  1. Good heavens! I barely got 2 pallets together for a little shelter for the first pigs we got. I can’t imagine putting that one together! An impressive fence to be sure, but not sure it’s the one for us. Thanks Damian!

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