Irritating Neighbors

I have a fantastic neighbor that I also consider my friend. Once a week, she picks me up and we head to the community center where you can pick up free produce.

This morning she picked me up and had another one of our neighbors in the rig with her. This other woman is not a close friend, but I know her, and attempt to get along with her. As we were headed out of our driveway, she asked the driver to stop so she could roll down the window and say something to the pig (Lucy was near the fence), so the driver did. The window went down and this woman started yelling at the pig. I said “Hey, that’s enough, what did she ever do to you?”

When we got back, we were unloading my boxes and the woman started making some weird grunting/growling noises at the pigs (from a good distance away). They looked at her as if she were crazy, and I said “You have to be nice to my pigs if you come here”. She got back in the truck and didn’t say goodbye.

This woman is in her 50’s. It’s not as if she’s a young person new to country living. They’ve lived out there for years. She’s also had to be told to quit antagonizing the dogs of the other neighbor in this story (they didn’t speak for almost a year due to it).

No matter where I live, town or country, I would never disrespect the home, children, spouse, or animals of a person whose property I was standing on. I realize the past week or so I’ve been a bit melancholy with the gray skies and cold temperatures, so I may be overreacting, but I don’t think I am. Before she insulted my pigs, she asked if she could have my antique milk cans. I said “Well, I paid $50 for them”. She said “Oh, I wouldn’t pay for them, we just turn them into stools to sit on outside.”

I am a reasonable woman. Not everyone loves farm animals, but they are MY farm animals and I won’t tolerate disrespect to them. Thankfully, these pigs aren’t the type to charge the fence at someone, but why take chance with this happening in the future with them or any other animal? As we move them into new paddocks, they will be further away from me and the house, and closer to where this particularly annoying neighbor lives and I don’t want to have to worry that she is harassing them. Ever.

Would you say anything more to this person or leave it as it is?


4 thoughts on “Irritating Neighbors

  1. Sometimes you have to accept that someone isn’t functioning at a high enough level to behave in a mature manner.

    Take me for example! :-)

  2. I agree. She doesn’t seem to be using a full deck upstairs. I think you have said enough for now. Hopefully moving the pigs won’t cause more problems.
    We have a friend that came over and kicked my dogs because they were excited to see new people. They are good and friendly with everyone, no reason for the action. I gave treats to each dog and removed them from the area. Nothing was said but my glare of disapproval. When they might stop by, I immediately take the dogs away.
    Also they say people that abuse animals like you think she does, has also been abused.
    We live like we do to take care of our family better. Some live like this to keep things hidden.
    Hope I helped or gave you reasons to look outside the box.
    Keep protecting your family and animals!

  3. I would definitely tell the person to leave. I would try to be nice about it…at first. But that woman has to get….gone….goodbye.

  4. I feel like I’m in a particularly difficult place. I’m here alone with the kids. I want the community. When I need help, they come and when they need help, we go. But there still has to be respect of each other’s property.

    Full deck or not…I do realize that, as my husband pointed out, not everyone functions at the same level. I need to show patience without compromising.

    Thanks Gail and Damian :)

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