Teamwork, Communication and Common Goals

I just read a post from one of my favorite blogs, Chism Heritage Farm.

I identify with it.

Most of the time, I’m hours and hundreds of miles away from my home.  The wife has to juggle a lot.  The kids have to help out.

The kids, being kids, have their own priorities.  There’s nothing wrong with that at all, as long as what needs to get done, gets done.

So, we need to work together (team) to get stuff done (goals).  If everyone understands our dependence on each other, then stuff gets done.

It’s not just barking orders.  Everyone has to clearly understand their role.  If they don’t, it’s not their fault.  It’s mine.

Here’s how that post I mentioned puts it…

Motivating my Volunteer Corps

He says it better than I can.

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