Piggy love

I didn’t spend a lot of time with my babies this week while the hubby was home. I ran out to feed and then got ready to spend the day in town with him (just how difficult IS it to expand broadband I ask our would-be-if-they-had-it-phone/internet provider??). I get home and it’s pitch black so I get the feeding done and run inside to start dinner.

I stayed home Friday and in the middle of the day, did some extras. I talked to some neighbors who hooked me up with some smaller bales of hay that I can actually lift myself. I added more water for the geese and a bale of hay to the pigs. Usually I have to flake the sections off and throw them in a couple at a time. This time, I was able to heft the bale over the electric fence. Then I let myself inside and cut the strings off (I threw those out to pick up later) and tried separating the bale to put in to their shelter.

Abraham has been skittish ever since we brought him home. Yesterday, he jumped up on the bale with his front legs and was sniffing at my pockets (smart pigs know I used to put treats in there). He let me scratch his head and behind his ears without jumping away.

Since the pigs think they need to be eating at all times, at feeding time, they sometimes jump in front of the feed bucket. Lucy looked like she has a bad case of dandruff so I was rubbing the feed out of her coat and she sighed…then leaned up against me, and kept leaning into me. I was in a good spot where I wouldn’t get squished so I just kept letting her lean while I rubbed her. She even let me hug her neck.

People told me pigs were a lot like dogs in that they enjoyed being loved on, and they will follow you around, but I never imagined loving them as I would love a close pet. My favorite time is when their tummies are full, and they’ve taken a long satisfying turn at the water bucket, then they look at you and smile. The smile of a happy and contented being. My heart is full.

Below: Abraham…king of pig pen photobombs!



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