Hold Fast

People have many reasons for reading this blog.  Some are family and friends, following what’s happening in our lives.  Others have animals or gardens and are wondering how we get things done.  Then there are other people who are dreaming about having their own land, animals, etc.

This post isn’t about animals or growies.  I want to write about what happens when things get tough.

You see, I’m very content when I’m on my land.  I can see the things I’ve accomplished.  I know what needs to be done today.  I can dream about the things I’ll do in the future.  I can make a place for my family.  I can put food on the table, make income.

But every day, I find my vision for the land in danger.

I’m still making payments for the property.  The homestead isn’t making a profit yet, so I’m working a straight job to pay the bills.  I have to do everything I can to ensure consistent income or I’ll lose the place.

It nearly happened once.

Last year, my contract was dropped.  I had been promised a full time position months before but empty words don’t put money in the bank.  Three months went by before I was able to pick up another contract.

My family sacrificed so that we could keep the land.  I’m so proud of them for that.  We sold what we could.  We went to the local food pantry.  We skipped bills.

I want to encourage you if you’re going through something similar.  You’ll be a different person once you weather the hard times.  You’ll have different priorities, more focus.

Grit your teeth.  Get through sleepless nights.  Be relentless in your search for ways to keep that which matters to you.  Think about the alternative.

I’m in my home town right this weekend.  I don’t like this place.  This town is a rock that crushes a lot of people.  It’s a good reminder that I want to be beholden to no one.

As I write this, I’m looking at one of these hard times coming up.  My current contract runs through March.  I can’t complain–it’s a six month contract that is going to go a total of nine months.  It’s coming to an end though.

So, I grit my teeth and look for opportunities.

Here’s a pic from the movie, “Master and Commander”.  I think it says it all.


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  1. Jeremey, such good solid advice you’ve shared from an honest and painful experience, maybe more than once. Bob and I have experienced similar pains and heartaches, and with God’s help and leaning one each other, we made the cutbacks needed and always came out the other end OK. Thanks for sharing this so many of our younger generation may learn from it. We’ve got to get over there to see your land!

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