Greenhouse Fail

Do you remember the greenhouse that we built out of PVC and wood?  It was meant to protect the aquaponics and fish tank.

It didn’t survive the winter.

The pvc pipe didn’t fail but the fittings did…



55 mph gusts did most of the damage.



The wind tore the 2×8 board (left side of pool) from the brackets attaching it to the other 2x8s.



That’s the bad news.

The fish tank (kiddie swimming pool) froze over the winter.  Not just a little bit.  It looked like there was a foot or more of ice. But…

20140309_164549The tank thawed and the fish survived.

Time to build a better green house.


2 thoughts on “Greenhouse Fail

  1. Wow man, sorry to hear about your troubles. I’m finding out how big a beast Mother Nature is. My suggestion since you ask for it (hope you’re smiling here) is to break out the shovel and build a pit aquaponic greenhouse. Tons of work I know…and if I were a state over I’d be there to help. On the bright side that is exactly what I plan on doing…I don’t know the composition of the soil yet, but unless it all rock I’ll try to muscle through it.

    If you didn’t recognize it as a friendly challenge, then consider this the hint. 😉

    I’ll keep you posted on my progress when the ground thaws.

    • You’ve hit on my plan exactly! It may not be this year, but I want to dig a pit, line it with concrete, seal it and build a greenhouse over it. I’d do vertical aquaponics and let the water fall back into the pit.

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