Winter was hard but Spring is here.

It’s time to be doing.

I was able to spend this last week at the stead.  I’m happy to report that some things got done…

The stock trailer is home.



Two of our gilts are back.   They’re returning from a month+  with a boar. They’ve both missed their cycles.  Hopefully they are pregnant.  We’re back up to four pigs in the winter pasture.




I started on a building to house the brooders for the 100 chicks due in about 3 weeks…  I’ll talk about this building more in another post.




We found a new source of Hereford pigs.  We’ll pick them up as soon as they’re weaned.  Here they are…



I’m back in California as of tonight.  It’s a good feeling to know that good things are happening back home.  It makes the work and travel worth it.

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