Cali in the rear view mirror

For nine months, I’ve been working in Sacramento, California.  I’ve met some great people and learned a lot of new stuff here.  My time in Cali ends this weekend.  I’m moving on to a new contract.

I’m going to miss aspects of my life here.

Here’s a pic from the backyard yesterday…



There are cows and sheep out there, living the way they should.

This morning, there were a couple mallards in the front yard…



She’s on the grass and her man is in the flowerbed to the left.



I got some experience starting plants from grocery store fruit.





Wood projects.






I built a wind turbine…

I had some fun building a generator out of Peltier coolers…

I spent a lot of time at Soil Born Farms…

I dropped a few pounds and I’m in better shape too.

The biggest part of my time here are friends made.

Nick, you’re the best roomie.  I’ve learned a lot from you and had a lot of fun working projects, movies and just goofing around.  Thanks for getting me into bikes!  You’re a great friend.  Hopefully I’ll talk you into moving my way!

Cali, it’s been great.  Thanks for some good memories!



7 thoughts on “Cali in the rear view mirror

  1. Looks like you had a great time. Tell me about starting new plants from grocery store fruit. I have some ground I need to do something with. I like the top photo. Where is your next contract? Is it close to home? Glad you have a new contract. I prayed you would.

    Love Aunt Chris

  2. Jeremey, sounds like a great experience! But I know you and Charity both look forward to more time together. However, you have memories to pack and bring home with you that no one else will ever have.

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