Piglets come to Beautiful Nazareth Farms

Saturday evening, we welcomed the three little piglets to the farm. They are quite possibly the most adorable piglets I have ever seen. They are a little bit younger than Charlotte was when she came to live here.


The little girls are Fat Amy, and Fat Patricia (fans of the movie Pitch Perfect will get it), and the boar has been christened, Chuck Norris. The name suits him well.

Pictured below is Fat Amy. She and Chuck Norris are full siblings, and Fat Patricia is their half-sister (same dad). This is the tiniest little feed dish I had for them…They have to practically crawl inside of it to eat. SO cute!




This is Fat Patricia. She’s the tiniest of the three.


We kept them in the house near the wood stove to keep them warm their first night here. The next morning, our daughter and I held all three individually and loved on them and pet them to get them used to us before they went outside.

Fat Amy has escaped their pen three times, each time, thankfully our daughter was diligent in watching them and was able to bring her right back. I was worried at first because they slept so much the first day…like all through the night and then through the day. They have been burrowing in the hay together to stay warm, but it’s so adorable to look outside and see these tiny little Herefords walking around.

5 thoughts on “Piglets come to Beautiful Nazareth Farms

  1. I’m excited for you guys. Does that make 5 or 6 you have now? Is the boar going to snip or are you going for two headed babies…dbl bacon burgers? Anyway good post and as soon as I get off my but (and the snow stops…maybe 6-9 inches tonight) and get the pen built. I’m searching for someplace local for the pigs.

  2. These are piglets I brought in for fresh bloodlines and we’ll be registering them. Our first litters should be born around the first of June (our gilts are expecting right now).

  3. Now I am confused…when I dropped the wood off a while ago both you and Lexi called it “The Ghetto”…..now you are calling it a beautiful farm??

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