Clearing some land

This evening, I took a step or two outside my door and looked around and was thankful.

Sometimes my breath is taken away by this dream I’m living, on these few acres.  I feel that this is more than I deserve and that I need to do my best  with all that I’m given.

I’ve spent a couple years with this land, one year living on it.  My plans are crystallizing.  It’s time to make some drastic changes.

I took down some pine saplings this week.  I don’t kill trees lightly.  They’re a resource that shouldn’t be wasted.  They’re also a good way to store carbon, prevent erosion, hold water and provide shelter for critters.

The first two pines made way for some weeping willow starts.

There’s a lot that’s good about willows.  You can make tea and eat the bark and make baskets from the fronds.  Willows are a lot nicer to the flora around them compared to pines.  Pines have poison in their bark needles and roots, killing off any competition.  The willow’s leaf litter is good for the soil.  I also think that willows make a better wind and sound barrier.

I removed around ten more saplings and a small tree today.  The cleared area will be for a garden this year and hopefully a garage the next.

Every tree I pull up means the future for this land is different than it would have been.  I need to make sure it’s a better future.

All that said, you might be wondering how I brought down a bunch of trees.  You might be thinking that I went to the trees and asked their permission.  Nope.

It’s called a chain and four wheel drive.


Time to plant the garden.  Thanks to the pigs for doing the plowing!

4 thoughts on “Clearing some land

  1. Can’t wait to get over there at the end of May and walk some of the land with you and Charity. Bob and I are looking forward to our visit. I’m guessing Charity told you we were coming, right? LOL!

  2. Good luck getting those water hogs to grow in our dry, sandy soil….from what I know of them, they were everywhere in my hood in NJ, they take a crap load of water to get them to grow.the soil needs to be pretty much water logged….constantly….

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