Feed Waste, Feed Storage

I’m losing feed to moisture.

I’m not sure where the moisture is coming from, but the bottom of my feed bags are solid and sprouting.

Some of the haters out there will be pointing out that I should be pasture raising my animals.  I do. I also recognize that they need stuff they don’t get from the pasture.  That’s why minerals are given to cattle and horses.

My feed costs are for chicks and piglets and pigs.  There isn’t enough good forage to sustain my pigs yet, so I have to supplement.  They and the chickens are changing the soil though, so hopefully the supplements will lessen as time goes on.

I’m growing mangels and peas for winter fodder.  I’ll have to store the peas properly.

Either way, I need to do a better job with my feed.

Trash cans work.  So do those bins used for storing hoses, sprinklers etc.  I’d prefer to store the feed in smaller containers.  Easier to lift, stack, etc.

I recommend 5 and 2 gallon buckets.  Buy some gamma seal lids and your feed should be fine.

Here’s a pic of the lids…

gamma seal

The 5 gallon buckets work for me because my feed is really dense.  I can put 25 lbs in a bucket with room left over.  This won’t be the case with rolled oats, crumbles or feed with a lot of filler.

This won’t work if you have a lot of animals.  But then, if you have a lot of animals, you should go through your feed before it spoils.

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