Our first new babies

The first new babies to be born/hatched on Beautiful Nazareth Farms are 6 tiny balls of fluff.  The proud mama is one of my Buff Orpingtons that survived winter (and me!) that we got last spring. She’d been broody for awhile sitting on eggs that she’d laid since John Wayne came to the farm.

We weren’t sure exactly how many she was sitting on, as she didn’t want us getting too close, but we now have six chicks and two eggs that she’d kicked out of the nest.



She is cracking me up as a first time mama. I can only imagine what is going through her mind when she tries rounding up her new babies as they try exploring the coop. She certainly doesn’t like it when one wants to explore by itself, and has been caught scolding one of the ones that didn’t stay right with her.

What I am finding even funnier is that one of the other hens started laying eggs in her own little nest in the opposite corner. The new chicks were playing there so I had the hubby pick up mama (who was NOT happy with us), and got this:


When he put her back down, she hurried to her babies, settled in on the other hens’ nest, and one by one, baby chicks started tucking in under her. It will be interesting to see if she goes broody on this nest since that hen lays and then runs out to play.

The chicks are 3 yellow with black markings, 2 darker-almost black chicks, and then one caramel colored one.

I was able to catch one tonight and get a couple of pictures.

20140518_162656      20140518_162707

It’s the same chick, but I crack up at the first picture because it could be in memes as Grumpy Chick with that face. Much better side view. 😉

AND, we haven’t talked much about John Wayne. He’s a rooster I picked up for $2. We were told he was Australorp and ‘something else’. He’s our lone rooster, save whatever comes from the Delaware group. He’s very shy, but watches over his ladies like a proper gentleman. Overall, I’m very happy with him. And, in case you are wondering, the hubby and I kind of ended up deciding he’d name the boy animals, and I’d name the girls. This picture doesn’t do him justice, but he’s so shy, it’s hard to get very close when I’ve got the camera out.




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