A good parcel of land for a homestead

I want to give you an example of a good piece of land for a starter homestead.  Just to be clear, I’m not selling this parcel and I don’t gain anything from its sale, other than a new neighbor.

This parcel should be a place for you to try out homesteading but still have value if it’s not the life for you.  So, the land must have value and it must be possible to increase its value with the work you do.  The price must be low, so you can invest your money on improvements.  Let’s take a look…


Sorry the pic isn’t great.  That’s a lake view.  Imagine a two story house with appropriate deck and balcony facing the lake.  This parcel has value.


One side of the parcel is runs along an established road.  There’s no concern about easement.  Two driveways have been cut into the parcel.


Like wildlife?  This road cut was made yesterday.  The deer print was made in the last 12 hours.


This parcel has a nice, gradual slope to the south.  This means that you can use most of your land–no steep gullies, etc.

The water table is about 80 feet down, so not too far to go.  It is sandy here though.

This parcel is 3.37 acres.  As is, it costs less than $37,000.  Own will carry and you need less than $1,000 down.  It’s half an hour away from Spokane.

Can you say, “Deal!”?

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  1. That is only 5k less than what we paid for ours. 5 acres with utilities….now-a-days utilities will probably run you in the 40k zone…….you sure about the water table? Our well is 180′ deep…

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