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I’m very predictable when certain subjects arise.

I’m sure my family rolls eyes when the topic of goats comes up.  I have a goat anecdote that I’ve lovingly polished for years.  I won’t bore you with it, but I’ve hated goats ever since the 4th grade.

Part of getting pigs was the hope that the wife would fall in love with them…and not get goats.

I’ve had a couple positive experiences with goats in more recent history.  There was a goat in King Hill, Idaho.  Billy was a charmer, I’d say hi to him and he’d reply.  He liked getting scratched.  I wouldn’t mind owning a character like him.  And then there’s the goat I’ve milked recently.

Friends had to travel.  They have critters that needed to be fed and watered.  And milked.

The evening milking went okay.  I didn’t get as much milk as I expected, but the lady was cooperative.  I was impressed by the quality of the milk.  There was no rank smell, something that I associate with goat’s milk.  I resolved to try some if the next milking went well.

The next morning, I knocked out my home chores and then ran over to take care of the friends’ critters.

The nanny was happy to see me and I don’t think it was just because of the feed.    The previous evening, I think I got about a pint from her, maybe a little more, and it was real work.  This morning, she was full of milk.  I fell into my/her rhythm for pulling the milk and things went easily.  We passed a quart easily.  I caught myself humming and crooning to her.  Both of us, parties to an equitable bargain of feed for milk, spent the time amicably and parted on good terms.

I got bit by the dog, which cramped my style for a bit, but I was in too good of a mood to hold a grudge.

I jumped in the pickup and headed to work, the song I had been humming, running through my head.

It’s a kid’s song.  I haven’t heard it in ages–not since the age of VHS and little kids running around my house.  Raffi sings it…

Thanks a lot,
Thanks for Sun in the sky.

Thanks a lot,
Thanks for clouds so high.

Thanks a lot,
Thanks for whispering wind.

Thanks a lot,
Thanks for the birds in the spring.

Thanks a lot,
Thanks for the moonlit night.

Thanks a lot,
Thanks for the stars so bright.

Thanks a lot,
Thanks for the wondering me.

Thanks a lot,
Thanks for the way I feel.

Thanks for the animals,
Thanks for the land,
Thanks for the people everywhere.

Thanks a lot,
Thanks for all I’ve got.
Thanks for all I’ve got.

So maybe, just maybe, I should put away that old anecdote forever and get a goat.  :-)


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