Results in abandoned aquaponics grow bed

Here are the circumstances…

My garden has been dead for over a month–killed in late September by a heavy freeze.

Since then, we’ve had at least three more hard freezes.

I stopped playing with the aquaponics grow beds in August.  I had figured out the mistakes I made this year and I wasn’t willing to spend time fighting them.

I haven’t been by the aquaponics in the daylight much since then. It tends to be dark when I feed the fish.

This is what greeted me this weekend…


That’s a live tomato plant.  In November.  With a tomato on it.  In a grow bed that hasn’t run since the end of August.  It’s half uncovered from my investigation into the AP issues I had.  This plant is completely exposed to the elements.  It’s not in a shelter of any kind.

I’m sure you’re thinking that something must be keeping it warm.  Look at the next pic.


That’s ice in the grow bed.


  • No fresh nutrients for about a month and a half.
  • Been through several freezes.
  • Almost no roots and the plant is very exposed to elements.


Just imagine how well this system will work when I get the kinks out!

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