Just for my notes, Amy is in heat.

Amy, our Hereford gilt started her heat on Wednesday, the 31st.

This is disappointing because I had hoped she had already kindled.  Amy is 9 months old and this is the first heat that we’ve observed.  I figured that we just hadn’t observed earlier heats.

Either she was in heat before and didn’t get covered (unlikely).  We haven’t observed our sows in heat since November 21st or earlier, so we think our boar is getting the job done.


She was in heat and didn’t kindle (possible).  Her reproductive parts may not be working all the way.

or this is her first heat.

We bought Amy and her brother, Chuck, to bring new genetics to a very inbred region for Hereford hogs.  Chuck appears to be doing his job.  Amy had a hard first few months on the farm and has only looked robust since August.

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