3d Printer pt 6: Attaching X axis

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3d Printer pt 2: Prusa i3 wood frame

3d Printer pt 3: Designing your parts

3d Printer pt 4: Assembling the base

3d Printer pt 5: X axis

Parts List

  • 10 x M3x14mm screws
  • 10 x M3 nuts
  • 10 x M3 washers
  • Z axis top left
  • Z axis top right
  • Z axis bottom left
  • Z axis bottom right
  • X axis assembly
  • 2 x 8x320mm smooth rods

X Axis to Z Axes

  1. Attach the top left and top right Z axes to the frame.  Use the M3x14mm screws through the front of the parts, securing them on the back of the frame with M3 washers and nuts.
  2. Slide a rod into the top left axis.  Do the same for the top right axis. (note:  if the fit is really tight, consider running a 10mm drill bit through the hole)
  3. Slide the X axis assembly onto the rods.  This is easily done if you put the frame on its back.  The bearings on the X carriage should be facing toward the frame and the motor should be on the left.
  4. Slide the bottom left Z axis and bottom right Z axis onto the other end of the rods.

Note:  My top axes parts cracked but I think the crack occurred where there wasn’t supposed to be any material anyway.  We’ll see.

Here’s what I have.




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