3d Printer pt 7: Y axis motor

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What you’ll need…

  • 5 x M3x14mm screws
  • 4 x M3 washers
  • 2 x M3 nuts
  • 1 x Endstop
  • 1 x Nema 17 motor
  • 1 x GT2 pulley
  • assembled base

Let’s start with the motor and pulley.


Notice that the shaft on the motor has a flat side.  Put the GT2 pulley on the shaft with the set screw (grub screw) of the pulley aligned to the flat side of the shaft.  The thick side of the pulley should be up.  Don’t slide the pulley all the way down–it will rub against the motor.  For now, make the shaft tip flat to the end of the pulley.

The pic below shows the pulley in the WRONG orientation…



Here’s the right orientation…


Tighten the grub screw so the pulley won’t slide.


Grab the base that you assembled in Pt 4.  The motor goes inside it.  Use 3 of the 14mm screws to install it.  Wire side will be down.

Notice the motor and mount are tilted (pic below).  This is (mostly) because I haven’t tightened the nuts on the base yet.

Time to put on the endstop.  It goes on the motor mount that holds the motor you just installed.  Take two 14mm screws, four washers and two nuts.  Install the endstop on the back of the motor mount so that the endstop is sticking up…


That’s it for now.  The next post will be about installing the Z motors.


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