A Date Night in the Life of a Homesteader

It’s the weekend.

I slept in.  Made it to 7am.

Get up and walk the dog.  Feed the pigs, looking closely at the next sow who is due in a couple weeks.  Feed the goats.  Feed the chickens.  It’s about 7:30 when these chores are done.

Get the fodder done.  Plan the day.

We’re running short on feed for the goats, the dog and the rabbit.  The goats are a problem so I mentally added some fence insulators to the list.

Need to stop by the cell phone store.  See if there’s a good Internet option.

The wife and I re-installed the heaters for the goat waterer and pig waterer.  We had pulled them out because the weather has been so warm.  We’re looking at 20 degree weather at night though, so back they go in.

Valentine’s day was a few weeks ago but it wasn’t convenient to go out then.  The plan consisted of dinner and Hockey with the wife.  The plan was also that one of the kids would feed the critters.

Most of the above planning happened while I got my go to town clothes on, teeth brushed teeth, etc and threw a cold slice of pizza down my throat.

I went back to the fodder, fought it a bit.  One of the trays doesn’t like to drain.  That’s bad news for the tray because the seeds won’t sprout if they’re submerged too long.

We got on the road about 10:30.  Stop at a gas station.  Fill the tank, gritting my teeth because gas went up ten cents since yesterday.

Our next stop was lunch.  It’s 11:20 when we walk in the door of a pizza place.  With the gas stop, we’ve burned almost an hour getting to lunch.

The cell phone store is next.  They have just the thing.  At least, it should work well if we buy an antenna and adapter that they don’t carry.  The place that has the antenna is closed on Saturdays..  We go to the mall.  No antenna there.  We try another place but it’s closed as well.  We drive even farther to hit another cell phone store.  No antenna there but the girl behind the counter tries to upgrade my phone and sell me a $189 antenna that doesn’t do what I need.  At least I was able to hit Sonic to get a grape lime-ade.

Time to go to the feed store.  I think it was a little past 3pm by this time.  We got the goat food and some other stuff, but no puppy chow and the rabbit food came in a 40lb bag only and I wasn’t going to do that for one rabbit.  I remembered that I should by hoof trimmers for the goats but wanted to check one more place at home before I bought.

The wife needed to get an online order done.  We stopped at Starbucks for coffee and WiFi.  We have an hour before dinner and the hockey game at this point. (4pm)  Also, we needed to get some cold medicine.

A text from home arrived just as we were getting ready to find dinner..  Apparently, many goats are out and there’s no success getting them back in.  Date night was looking bad at this point.

We drove home.  This took an hour.

We have two goat pens.  Goats from both pens are out.  There was chasing of the main perpetrators.  Once they were caught, the last two went easily.  It was almost 5:30 at this point.  The naughtiest goats were tethered inside their pen.

Hockey was still possible.  The match started at 7.

The wife and I headed out at a little after 5:30pm.  Dinner was skipped.

The hockey was great.  The date was salvaged.

It’s 10pm and the drug stores are closed.  We stopped at 7-11 and picked up cold medicine and snacks.

A little before 11pm and I’m home, releasing the goats from their tethers.  We burned up a quarter of a tank of gas all told.

Walked the dog and forgot to do the fodder.  Bed.


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