New Pigs, New Pasture, Part III

In Part I, I talked about our new gilts, improving our meat herd.

In Part II, I talked about our new part Mangalitsa sow, the start of our charcuterie herd.

Part III is about our new boar, Stanley.  He came to our pastures this last weekend.  He’s kind of big.



Stanley is half Berkshire.  He’s also half-uncle to the piglets that you see with him.  If I remember correctly, his mom is the piglets’ grandma (GOS and Duroc), but in a different litter than their mom, with his dad as an AI Berkshire.

Stanley brings a lot to us.  His Berkshire genes should improve the quality of our meat.  Berkshire is the pork equivalent of Black Angus.  Stanley also has a great temperament.  He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body.  His personality is partly due to his genes and we hope he passes that trait to his young.



One other thing.  Stanley has great conformation.  He’s got great shoulders and hips and his back is a nice line.

He hasn’t shown me his tummy yet, but I think Stan might have more than 12 nipples.  We’ll see.

One other addition to the herd.  Remember the two gilts we picked up in Part I?  We have another of their litter mates.

She’s looking a little rough from the long trip, but we’re very pleased to add Ginger to the meat herd…


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