Boar born on May 16th. Hamilton

This post is for my notes.

Fat Amy, our Hereford went into labor on Friday.  I found her farrowing just before 5:30 pm.

Things did not go well.  Only one piglet came out feet first.  I extracted two more.  The last of these survived.  I put Amy down the next day and cut four more babies out.  None of them were alive.

I’m not going to describe everything I did or all my thoughts about losing Amy.

So, we have a little man from her.  I believe he was borne around 8 pm on Friday.  The wife is calling him Hamilton.  The good news is that he’s not sick and he’s eating.

The bad news is that we’ve never had success feeding orphans.  He’s made it almost three days with no issues, so I have hope.


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