A companion for Zippy

I mentioned our calf, Zippy earlier.

I’m shopping for more Scottish Highland cattle.  Until I pick some up, Zippy should have a buddy.

Zippy is in the big pasture with a few pigs.  They don’t fight but they don’t snuggle either.

My solution is to put our hair sheep with him.

Oh, have I not mentioned Happy?  He’s a katahdin wether (castrated ram).  I think he was born in April.  We picked him up a few weeks ago.

Here he is with some of his brothers and sisters.  Looks like he’s the big guy in the family.


Here he is on the ride home.


The ram’s name is Happy because he’s happy to see hay and he’s happy to eat the pigs’ feed as well.

Zippy and Happy aren’t bosom buddies but they do hang out every once in a while…


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