A look back

It’s that time of year when the work season changes.  It’s all about keeping the pipes from freezing, moving the animals closer to the house, shrinking the herd to save on feed.

Well, most of that is true.  We’re growing the herd.  We have 20 pigs right now and we’re expecting two litters in the next couple weeks.

Rush, rush, rush.  Making deals, changing plans.  I have to confess that I’m having a lot of fun right now.  It’s so great to see a few people get together and work out a scheme that profits everyone.  I’m finding ways to work with people that understand the value of hard work and how to make a dollar.

I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had a moment to be objective and look at what’s been accomplished.  Until today.

I’m in Franklin, Tennessee for a couple days’ work.  The company is one that I’ve worked with before.  I started work for them in September of 2011.  This was before I moved to Washington.

I went to corporate to get a badge made.  They still had my old picture on file.  Back then, I had just started having success with weight loss.  I think I was down almost 20 lbs from my highest weight.  Seeing that picture was a shock and I’ve been ruminating ever since.  It’s not just about the weight–I’ve lost 45 more lbs since then and I’m very conscious of that.  It’s more about lifestyle change.

A few months into the contract, this company sent me to Spokane, WA.  2012 found me increasing my research in all things homesteading.  In 2013, the first parcel of land was purchased and this blog (among many other things) was started.  In 2014, the second parcel was bought.  In 2015, we found profit in raising pigs.

And the future is bright

We have a network of friends and colleagues.  We’re looking at more land.  We’re figuring out how to save money in our operations.

I look at that old picture and I’m glad to be “when” I am.  Happy homestead indeed.

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