I think that Aquaponics is unique and deserves its own section rather than being under “grow” or “raise”.

Aquaponics fish tank part 1

Aquaponics fish tank part 2

Auto siphon test

Aquaponics:  plants in the grow beds

Auto siphon test 2

Aquaponics:  first fruits

Aquaponics update:  pH, iron, fish and peppers

Aquaponics tomatoes:  blossom drop

Aquaponics:  some lessons learned

Aquaponics video review–Murray Hallam

From the wife:  Fixing aquaponics while the husband is gone

Solar aquaponics

Aquaponics fish tank

Aquaponics:  electrical upgrade

Solar performance improvement

Aquaponics review:  Aquaponics Source grow-bed

General update

Results in an abandoned grow bed

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  1. Aquaponics: Vegetables and fish protein – family size

    During several months, I researched aquaponics for my daughter and
    selected a great deal of information from sometimes contradictory
    sources. By comparing and logical selection, I prepared several pages
    with many links to other sources that stood out in value. The free blog
    could be very valuable for anyone considering starting an aquaponics

    For preppers, survival is important, but having products to barter in a
    ‘last case’ scenario is also important. The ease of learning this system
    and low cost to start and expand the modular program, even going
    commercial after several years of careful study and practical experience,
    is a valuable alternative.

    There is no cost for this information, so there is no further support by
    me. From the links to hundreds of sources, you will find many willing
    to take your money for consulting.

    Please reply with an email address for an individual to receive about ten
    pages of resources without spam for your use and free distribution to
    beginners. This resource is based on the experience of dozens around
    the world. A mistake from ignorance means dead fish! It could save a
    beginner a lot of sweat, tears, and money. Most aquaponics gurus (except
    commercial firms selling kits) do not believe anyone should buy a
    commercial kit.

    The spamming is absurd, yet a search for “Aquaponics” produces over
    350 million hits. People are interested. Some of us believe aquaponics is
    agriculture of the 21st Century. Growth has been slow since 900 A.D., or maybe longer.

    Marvin A. Hodges

    • I checked on the above reply and did receive a couple documents. There were lots of good links.

      Please let me know if you have any issues and I’ll take it down.


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