Selling Pork Cuts

One more step from homestead to farm.

Spend $600 on another freezer.  Take pigs to the butcher.  Have them cut for resale.  Get some big coolers to transport the cuts.

Update the website.  Build a price sheet.  Get a smart phone to take credit card orders.  Get the business entity set up.

Put up a Facebook page.  Book an event or three.

Order business cards.  Pay for a banner.  Design some flyers.  Buy some folding tables and chairs.

Give away some cuts.  Get consensus on the quality.  Get some testimonials.

Do all of the above, not knowing if anyone will order from you.

Then, place your first advertisements.

We put up four ads, each in four different places, testing the waters.  The first two were up on the 30th of September.  The other two came up on the 1st of October.

We received orders very quickly.

I have ten more places where I can put ads.

People are asking us about shipping.

I’m getting excited.

So, if you’re somewhat close to Spokane, Washington and you’re looking for quality pork, raised in pasture, fed non-GMO feed, you might like what we have for sale.

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