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Cowgirl’s Country Life  I’m in awe of everything this lady is doing.  I read this blog and I feel like a slacker.  I need to build my smokehouse, start raising shrimp, make sausage and a hundred other things.  She does all this and has time for fishing!

Homestead Revival  A beautifully done blog that covers a wide range of homestead related topics.

My 10 Acres  This blog is where I want my homestead to be in a few years.

Simple Man, Simple Plan   This guy is getting it done.  I like his explanations and the direction of his blog.

Sunnywood Farm  I like watching this farm because they’re doing what I want to do.

The Elliott Homestead    Homesteading with a southern flavor.

Blessed Little Homestead  I tend to miss the people side of homesteading.  This is a great blog that covers a lot of what I don’t.
Financial Permaculture  OK, this isn’t necessarily related to homesteading.  Permaculture should be considered when you have a homestead though.  This blog helps make permaculture financially viable.
Home to Homestead  One of the best parts of having your own land is the ability to produce and prepare good food.  What an amazing blog!

2 thoughts on “Homestead & DIY Links

  1. You need to check out the Foxfire books, 11 or 12 by now. For woodworking, Roy Underhill’s “Woodwrights Shop” from PBS, are interesting, heavy on history though and sometimes light on details, but overall very good. Dick Raymond’s “Joy of Gardening” is one of the best gardening books I’ve read. Knows how to make it grow in the northern climes. Would also recommend trying to find some old “Whole Earth Catalogs”, lots of info, with a 60’s counterculture bent, but overall very good. “The Owner Built Homestead” by I think it was Ken Kerns, is entirely practical, except for lusting after a Unimog, which we all suffer from.

    Uncle Ron

    • And I thought I was the only one lusting for a Unimog! A deuce and a half would do in a pinch though.

      I’d love to get Roy Underhill’s series. I think he did a series under a different title as well. I tried a couple years ago, I’ll look again.

      I’ll check out Joy of Gardening, thanks!

      My collection of Foxfire books is building. I don’t get much “how to” out of them, but they’re helpful.

      I’ll look for Kerns.

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